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The directorate of AYUSH, Government of Madhya Pradesh (MP-AYUSH) with operations spread across the length and breadth of state of Madhya Pradesh and with key objective of main streaming of AYUSH health care delivery, provides its services to more than one hundred and twenty lac patients per year in the state of Madhya Pradesh, and offers its services in the main areas of health care delivery, AYUSH drugs supply, scheme management, administration and education as well as covering the whole gamut of functions/activities related to AYUSH.


The vision of Ayush is to position AYUSH systems as the preferred systems to living and practice for providing holistic healthcare for all citizens.


  • To mainstream AYUSH at all level in the health care system.
  • To improve access to and quality of public health delivery through AYUSH System.
  • To focus on promotion of health and prevention of diseases by propagating AYUSH practices.
  • Proper enforcement of provisions of drugs and cosmetic act 1940 and rules framed there under relating to the ASU&H drugs throughout the country.
  • To upgrade and maintain the educational standards in the AYUSH colleges of state.
  • To strengthen existing research institutions and ensure a time bound research program on identified diseases for which these systems have an effective treatment.
  • To drew up schemes for promotion, cultivation and regeneration of medicinal plants used in these systems.
  • To evolve pharmaceutical standards for ASU&H and Homeopathy drugs.